JOE 3 (2016)

ISSN 2522-7955

Period Study of W UMa-type binary BX Pegasi
B. Sakhaei, A. Poro
P 1-4

Size: 244.69 Kb
Downloaded: 60

New Light Curve and Period Study of the Contact System VW Cep
F. Bidjarchian, P. Mirshafiei, A. Poro
P 5-9

Size: 1.3 Mb
Downloaded: 33

Scruting of Viability of Iran Extremophiles on the Extraterrestrial Habitable Environments Similar to Iran Extreme Environments
M. Gheibzadeh, S. Vahedi
P 10-14

Size: 123.53 Kb
Downloaded: 21

Studying Moon’s Edge with Occultation Methods
A. Poro, P. Abouhamzeh
P 15-18

Size: 650.05 Kb
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Optimization of Photometry Data of HD189733b Transit Using Three Different Methods
S. J. Jafarzadeh
P 19-23

Size: 327.06 Kb
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Introduction to TTV method
S. J. Jafarzadeh, M. Dalir S harami, M. J. Shahhoseini, B. Ghobadi Bisetooni
P 24-28

Size: 280.41 Kb
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Habitability in Different Climate Models
F. Montazeri Najafabadi, S. J. Jafarzadeh, M. Bahrami Nasr
P 29-37

Size: 335.69 Kb
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