JOE 5 (2018)

ISSN 2522-7955

The articles will be published gradually by the end of 2018.

5 Years of Defocused Observations of Exoplanet Transits with T100: Timing Perspective
Baştürk, Özgür; Yalçınkaya, S.; Keten, B.
P 1-9

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The HU Aqr O-C Diagram Trend Change: Are There Still any Circumbinary Planets?
A. Slowikowska, I. Nasiroglu, K. Gozdziewski, K. Krzeszowski, M. Zejmo, P Irawati, D. Buckley, D. Dimitrov, H. Er
P 10-16
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The Investigation of the Effect of Accretion Disk on the Light Curve and Radial Velocity Curve in the Eclipsing Binary System; OW Gem
Fateme Salehi, Marjan Mahaki
P 17-20
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