JOE 1 (2014)

ISSN 2522-7955

Asteroid Rotation and Occultations by Observational Astronomers
Paul D. Maley
P 1-9

Size: 294.51 Kb
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New Light Curves and Ephemeris of V873 Per
Amir Hasanzadeh, Mozdeh Bay, Kambiz Khaleghi, Atila Poro
P 10-13

Size: 232.18 Kb
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Basic Formulae for the Exoplanetary Transit Model Calculation
Osman Demircan
P 14-21

Size: 143.11 Kb
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Successful Asteroidal Occultations in Australasia during 2013
John Talbot
P 22-31

Size: 376.81 Kb
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Analysis of the Oscillation Modes of the Recently Discovered Delta-Scuti star GSC 4237-0482 and Presentation of the New Ephemeris
P. Howaida, S. Ahmadi, F. Shabani, J. Erfani Haramy, A. Poro, A. Hasanzadeh
P 32-36

Size: 258.11 Kb
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2015 Grazing Occultation Highlights in the Middle East
Eberhard Riedel
P 37-40

Size: 300.17 Kb
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The Orbital Evolution of the Exoplanets
A. TajalliArdekani, M. Jahan-Miri
P 41-47

Size: 362.67 Kb
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A Study of Period Changes and Light Curve Analysis of SW LAC
Somayeh Zahabi, Afshan Karbassi, Amir Hasanzadeh
P 48-59

Size: 421.66 Kb
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Survey on YORP and EDM Effects on Distribution and Generation of Binary Asteroids in Inner Regions of Solar System
Mohammad Reza Shafizadeh, Mohammad Reza Shahjahan, Saba Hafizi, Amir Asadi
P 60-69

Size: 1.13 Mb
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A Study on the Visibility Limit of Stellar Occultations with the Moon at Sunset and Sunrise
H. Hekmatzade, N. Taebjoula, A. Poro, M. Zakerin
P 70-78

Size: 318.3 Kb
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