JOE 4 (2017)

ISSN 2522-7955

Investigating the Impact of Exoplanets Parameters on their Habitability
B. Sakhaei, P. Ghaznavi, S.J. Jafarzadeh, et al.
P 1-10

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Data Analysis of the High Amplitude Delta Scuti Star GSC 4464-924
M. J. Shahhoseini, B. Ghobadi Bisetooni, A. Ayiomamitis
P 11-18

Size: 348.29 Kb
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Applying UT to Visual Timing in Occultation Observations
Dave Gault
P 19-24

Size: 239.75 Kb
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SkyTiming; A New Mobile Application for Submit and Timing
Z. S. Lesani, A. Poro
P 25-28
Size: 142.93 Kb
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Ab-initio investigation of absorption energy and cohesive energy interstellar molecules; Propaynal, propenal and propanal
F. Montazeri Najafabadi, A. Mokhtari
P 29-33

Size: 167.86 Kb
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Photometric study and new ephemeris of the W UMa-type binary: EW Del
A. Poro; M. Mostafavi Alhosseini; M. Rahimi
P 34-36
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