JOE 2 (2015)

ISSN 2522-7955

Study of Candidate Exoplanets which are in their Host Stars’ Habitable Zones and Trace their Atmospheric Biomarkers to Detect Organic Life
Saleheh Ebadirad
P 1-9

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Prepointing for Occultations
John Talbot
P 10-13

Size: 496.71 Kb
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Period Studies of Three WUrsaeMajoris-type Binaries: V0449 Peg, EP And, and EK Com
A. Haghi, M. Abdollahi, M. Hossini, F. Tavakkoli
P 14-29

Size: 612.76 Kb
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New Light Curve Analysis and Period Changes of the Overcontact Binary NX Boo
F. Hosseini, H. Hekmatzadeh, S. Zandian
P 30-35

Size: 208.41 Kb
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Observation and Data Analysis of the Newly Discovered δ−Scuti Variable Star GSC1489-0914
M. Honari-Jafarpour, F.Memarian, S. Charmchi, A. Amiri, A. Hasanzadeh
P 36-43

Size: 365.44 Kb
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