The Investigation of the Effect of Accretion Disk on the Light Curve and Radial Velocity Curve in the Eclipsing Binary System; OW Gem


Fateme Salehi1; Marjan Mahaki2
1Faculty member of Khayyam University, Mashhad, Iran;
2Graduated student of Khayyam University, Mashhad, Iran;

In order to analyze the light curve of the long period binary system; OW Gem, Griffin & Dequennoy’s collected light data in 1995, 2002, 2006 and Galan and his colleagues’ observation data in 2008 were used as well. In the past this system was studied in various ways based on the light item, however different results were achieved by the authors of the articles, so the new version of Wilson and Van Hamme program was applied to solve this light curve system in this research. This study was designed to achieve newer results along with the consideration of the necessary assumptions to investigate the effect of an accretion disk on the system’s light curve and radial velocity curve, and as the results indicate; this system is an eclipsing binary system of Algol type with an accretion disk.

Keyword: Eclipsing binary system, Wilson&van hamme program, accretion disk

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